Hard work doesn't have to be so hard.

Plush furniture. Penthouse views. Magazine-spread design. Interoffice kick scooters.
Our entire philosophy would be nothing but blowhard hoo-ha unless we lived it ourselves. The Price Modern showroom is the work environment of our dreams. Okay, so maybe showroom isn't the right word. More like a playground. Fresh, beautiful, warm, creative, flexible, comfortable, experimental, and full of open doors.
Kick scooter racing encouraged.

Price Modern Playground
Price Modern Playground

My favorite thing about working at Price Modern is

the people.

Nancy Hutschenreuter (Baltimore)

seeing it all come together in the end.

Stacy Iannantuono (Baltimore)

making the client happy!

Tina Patterson (Baltimore)

finding great solutions for clients.

Elizabeth Baturka (Baltimore)

my office team and their dedication to perfection.

Christine W. Loechel (Lanham)

the mission of my largest customer realized.

Leonard Inabinet (Lanham)

seeing something completed that works properly.

Bobbie Zeck (Warehouse)

everyday is different and challenging.

Tom Adams (Lanham)

being able to improve someone’s day by creating an environment they enjoy working in.

Julia Machado (Baltimore)

not being tied to just one desk.

Ron Crawford (Lanham)

putting puzzles together, and knowing that I can have a positive impact on someone’s work day.

Sarah Jackson (Baltimore)

the challenge of solving problems through design.

Brigid Galford (Lanham)

building relationships, helping others, and delivering on projects.

Bonnie Flippin (Lanham)

getting it right.”

Robert Staugaitis (Baltimore)

each job is different and unique.

Melissa Harper (Baltimore)

my Price Modern family. I work with a great group of people.

Jessica Fox (Lanham)

the flexibility to do all the things I love in one place.

Lorna Jean Marcuzzo (Baltimore)

We’re looking for a few great people.

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